Instant Activation
with User-Friendly Operation

Enable AtellixPay™ payments in seconds, all you need is a Solana wallet.

  • ✅ Ultra low fees: 0.5%, that's it!
  • ✅ Accept ◎SOL, USDC, and more...
  • ✅ Supports Checkout and Recurring Payments
  • ✅ Instant withdrawals in USDC

Approximately 30¢ worth of ◎SOL required to activate.

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AtellixPay Advantages

Sell More, with Lower Fees

Merchant fees are too high! Your business can reach more customers for a lower cost by accessing blockchain technology. We help you get your business ready for Solana with our turn-key payments platform.

  • ✓ Payments & subscriptions - just 0.5% merchant fee.
  • ✓ No fees for withdrawals.
  • ✓ Just 30¢ worth of ◎SOL needed to start.
Why AtellixPay?

Easy for Merchants and Customers

Blockchain technology is contantly evolving. We stay on top of the latest developments so you don't have to. We wrap Solana payments into an easy-to-use API that is as easy as credit card processing.

  • • Built-in Checkout Page
  • • Automatic emailed Receipts
  • • Create secure Payment Links
  • • Supports many Solana wallets, like Phantom, Solflare, Glow, and more...
Isn't Crypto Risky?

We're Secure and Reliable

We take the risks out of doing business on blockchain networks. We provide end-to-end solutions based on US Dollar stablecoins, not cryptocurrencies that can fluctate in value.

Customers can pay using cryptocurrencies, like Solana ◎SOL, and AtellixPay™ will automatically convert to US Dollars.

  • ❇️ Price in US Dollars, get paid in USDC stablecoins
  • ❇️ Accept cryptocurrencies like Solana ◎SOL
  • ❇️ Recurring payments with secure Smart Contracts
What we do

Payments on Solana

We provide streamlined, easy-to-use payment solutions so you and your customers can do business without friction.


Checkout PageFor Shopping Carts

Create Checkout Links that direct your customers to our user-friendly Checkout Page.


Recurring SubscriptionsStreaming Payments

Select intervals such as: Monthly, Weekly, and others.

Only one transaction is needed to authorize recurring payments.


Payments APIPayment Gateway Service

Solana payments with minimal development time.

Makes blockchain payments as easy as credit card processing.

AtellixPay Capabilities

Merchant Account Features

Every AtellixPay™ merchant account includes these great features:


Recurring Subscriptions
Enable re-billing for customer accounts. Select Monthly, Weekly, and other intervals as needed.


Turn-Key Setup
Merchant accounts are ready to go as soon as you sign up. Enable any Solana wallet to receive payments.


Create Checkout URLs
Use the link builder to create customer Checkout Links for your products and services.


REST-based API
We wrap Solana checkout into an easy-to-implement API. The REST-based API supports any platform.


Prices in US Dollars
No need to worry about the current prices of cryptocurrency. Makes using Solana as convenient as credit cards.


Instant Withdrawals
Funds received from customers are immediately avaiable for withdrawal as USDC on Solana.


Integrated Checkout Page
We provide a checkout screen that works will popular Solana wallets. We handle all the technical details.


Email Receipts
We provide (optional) email receipts that are sent to customers, and to merchants.


Simple Pricing: 0.5% That's it!

Turn any Solana wallet into a complete Merchant Account.

  • Simple pricing that's a fraction of the cost of credit cards. Just a flat rate per transaction of 0.5%. That's it!
  • There is no additional fee to withdraw funds back to your original Solana wallet.
  • There are no recurring charges to use AtellixPay™, so there's no monthly service fees to maintain your account.
  • For about 30¢ worth ◎SOL you can activate your Solana wallet to receive payments.
Solana Ecosystem

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's information to answer some common questions you might have about the Solana blockchain and the AtellixPay™ merchant account:

What are some good Solana wallets?

Here's a few high-quality wallets for the Solana blockchain:

To on-ramp funds into your Solana wallet we recommend using a cryptocurrency exchange such as: Coinbase.

To off-ramp funds to a bank account we recommend using a cryptocurrency exchange such as: Coinbase.

We recommend the following resources to learn more about the Solana blockchain:

Which Solana tokens are supported for payments?

Currently supported Solana-based tokens:

Developers can integrate the Payment Gateway API into their shopping cart flow. Then, add a button to their checkout page to complete the payment with AtellixPay™.

Recurring payments can be requested via the Payment Gateway API, or by using a Checkout Link for a subscription offer.

We create a small profile on the Solana blockchain that represents your business or project. This activation fee goes to the Solana network to store your profile on-chain.

Ultra Low Fees

Solana blockchain lets you process payments for a fraction of the cost of credit cards.

Supports Popular Wallets

We support every popular Solana wallet on the Desktop and Mobile.

Instant Withdrawals in USDC

Why wait for your revenue? We provide instant settlement of funds.

Developer Documentation

Payment Gateway API Docs

Documentation for our REST-based payments API. Request payments, create and manage recurring subscriptions.

Payment Gateway API Docs
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